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About Chirp and Rustle

Up until two years ago, my main profession was graphic design. That said, I’ve been gardening all my life, from the day my mum gave me part of her veg garden at the back of the house. – I remember that I wore kitchen gloves and the exitement, when the snapdragons that I had sown neatly in rows, actually came up and flowered. The garden bug didn’t leave me, even though I decided to pursue a different career. Even living in the centre of Berlin, I had a small patch inside a neighbouring block, where I could grow veg and flowers.

After moving to England in 2013, having my own garden now, this soon became too small and I started volunteering at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens in 2014. (I can wholeheartedly recommend joining those lovely volunteers and staff at Hilliers!) Since then I completed several RHS courses, at Sparsholt and Edinburgh Botanic Gardens, and have worked in private gardens and a primary school’s allotment garden with the focus on exploring nature through growing veg with children.

Today I enjoy working mostly outside in private gardens in the Winchester-Romsey-New Forest area, being tasked with improving those gardens and maintaining a very diverse range of plants. And it turns out that combining work at the computer (yes, still doing graphic design) and being exposed to the elements on other occasions is a very satisfying combination!