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Enjoy your garden as much as possible. That’s what gardens are made for.
I can offer my help to bring your garden up to an enjoyable standard, or help you maintain your multi-purpose outdoor space. There are many approaches to gardens and different tastes, and all have their right to be respected.

  • I help you maintain your garden on a regular schedule and carefully tend to plants that you have put in long ago.
  • I can keep your newly designed garden at a level of care, where it can develop into a gorgeous, mature outdoor space,
  • or alternatively I can visit your garden for a winter mulch, a spring tidy and return at infrequent intervals, determined by the plants you grow or the amount of help you need.

  • I can give you advice on looks you might want to achieve,

  • tips on the right spot for the plant you just bought,

  • and on improvements to plantings and the soil.

  • Or, you can let me loose and I will work to a budget with rough directions or a mood board.

Call Stephanie on 07961 232304, or drop me a line on, and let me know how I can help.

Here is an example of steps being taken after you contact me, eg. if you are looking for regular help:

Step 1: We agree on a date and number of hours for a first visit, depending on the size of your garden. During that session I start to work on the most pressing issues.

Step 2: You invite me for a second visit, if you are satisfied with my work.

Step 3: Thereafter it becomes clear which schedule works best and we can settle for an interval that suits you.

Temporary adjustments: I can offer to increase my hours, when we work to develop parts of your garden, or for seasonal requirements. Or I can reduce hours eg. when I have caught up with any work that had been waiting to be shifted, and then move toward a less frequent visit.