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Enjoy your garden.
That’s what gardens are made for.
I can offer my help to bring your garden up to an enjoyable standard, or help you maintain your multi-purpose outdoor space. There are many approaches to gardens and different tastes, and they all have to be respected.

  • I help you maintain your garden and carefully tend to plants that you have put in long ago.
  • Or I can renovate tired looking displays, combining old and new plants,
  • plant up new beds and borders,
  • care for your newly planted garden and help it develop into a gorgeous, mature outdoor space.
  • Or you can let me loose and I will work to a budget with some directions from you, what you’d like to achieve, a mood board, produce sketches and detailed plant recommendations.
  • I can give you advice on how to achieve the looks you like,

  • on the best timing for planting and pruning,
  • tips on the right spot for the plant you just bought,

  • and on improvements to bio diversity and the soil life.

Call Steph on 07961 232304, or drop me a line on, and let me know how I can help.

Here is an example of steps being taken after you contacted me, for example, if you are looking for regular help, but do not quite know how much is needed:

Step 1:

We agree on a date and number of hours for a first visit, depending on the size of your garden. During that session I start to work on the most pressing issues. While working I will get a first impression of the tasks on hand, the site, soil and your priorities.

Step 2:

If it looks like I can make a difference, I will offer you an initial schedule that fits your garden and your preferences.

Step 3:

Thereafter it becomes clear which intervals work best and we agree dates for the next 3 months.


I work in every weather and will come (almost) no matter what the weather looks like. Heavy downpours often don’t last long.

In extreme heat I will postpone work in the sun to the next visit if the task allows doing that, or swap between two tasks in and out of the shade. I find that, after a while, I can stack a day’s work to match the journey of the sun through your garden.